The history of the Homma Dental Clinic Group began in 1945 when Dr. Teruo Homma established Homma Dental in Mabashi, Matsudo City. Leading a life dedicated to dentistry, he retired at the age of 87. After his retirement, Dr. Noriaki Homma, who returned from studying in the United States and Canada, succeeded his father and opened the Shin-Matsudo Comprehensive Dental Clinic. While updating the latest dental techniques, we have been providing community-based dental care.

Then, in 2023, Dr. Teruaki Homma, who inherited the aspirations of his grandfather and father, assumed the role of representative. Currently, the dental clinics of the Homma Dental Group have expanded to six locations, earnestly supporting the oral health of patients in each region.

The history of Homma Dental Clinic, which spans nearly 80 years and has been preserved through the baton passing of three generations of Homma doctors. Proud of the trust and achievements accumulated sincerely over the years, we continue to strive towards dental care that will be loved by even more patients in the future.